Satellite Television

Due to the new DSTV technology, all new installations must be quoted for by our preferred installer, Spencer Satellite Services (072 142 4531), and then an application must be made to the managing agents for Body Corporate approval.
Owners are urged to bear in mind that the ill-considered installation of satellite dishes may detract from the appearance of a building, resulting in a random proliferation of dishes and even spoil the view of other residents. Accordingly owners and residents may only install dishes upon the consent of and in the location directed by the body corporate and its expert technicians. Any dishes which are installed without prior approval will be relocated at the owner's expense by virtue of the fact that the exterior of the building constitutes common property.
Satellite dishes once attached to the exterior of buildings will form part of the common property and, as such, become the property of the body corporate and may not be removed. The owners will be responsible for the maintenance. Should there be multiple connections to a single dish, all owners who are connected to that dish will be responsible for the maintenance thereof.

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